Murder from Within
Lyndon Johnson's Plot Against President Kennedy Fred T. Newcomb and Perry Adams


JFK Motorcade in Dallas 1963Written in 1974, Murder From Within was the first book on the Kennedy assassination to document accurately and in detail how and why President Kennedy was killed. Unlike other conspiracy books, there is no conjecture or uncertainty as to what happened on Nov 22, 1963. Documented facts and eyewitness accounts from public records and the authors’ own private interviews draw a clear picture of the events on that fateful day. Because of the names named and who they were, Murder From Within was never published beyond the 100 copies originally printed.

The authors; Fred T. Newcomb and Perry Adams did extensive, timely research and taped interviews for their manuscript as early as 1969 while memories were still fresh. This research included personal visits to Dallas, re-enactments, accessing public records, eyewitness interviews and interviews of government agents involved. Their research and documentation has been thorough.

Murder From Within answers the four key questions concerning the assassination: Why was he killed? Who killed him? How was it done? How was a man named Lee Harvey Oswald framed for the murder? The book is long overdue and finally answers Warren Commission member and former CIA Director (who was fired by President Kennedy) Allen Dulles’s original challenge to the Commission’s critics in 1966: “If they’ve found another assassin, let them name names and produce their evidence.” Murder From Within answers that challenge.

LBJ Dallas Times Herald 1963

The book includes photographs and illustrations that clarify and back up the authors’ research.